“Friendship is …

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.” C.S. Lewis

Every time I read anything from C.S. Lewis, I’m almost always taken aback at how profound of a man he was. I’ve come across this quote more times than I can count, yet while reading it today, it resonated deeply with me. Can we survive without friends? Can we live life without experiencing deep interactions with other human beings? Sure, but what kind of existence would that be? In my experience, living a life that is devoid of these interactions has been, for lack of better words, miserable. Don’t take for granted the people who are closest to you. Like Lewis said, they add value to your survival during your time on this earth.



  1. Words to live by for sure, we all need each other. Reminds me of “cabin fever”. There have been may documented cases where people were stuck in isolation for many months or even years and ended up going insane some to the extent of committing suicide.


    1. That’s extremely sad to hear Mr. Jerry! I know that I have been so blessed by the friends in my life, and when I go extended periods of time with no interactions with them, I feel like I’m going insane! Thank you for your thoughts!!


  2. I agree. We were built both spiritually and physically. Although God made it so that we can survive physically for a short while on Earth, it is our spirit, our eternal self that craves companionship, firstly to God, but inherently we need a community that feeds each other. Only through community do we see fruits develop, our meaning, our purpose. Friendship, is necessary for survival, pure and eternal.


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