True Nobility

About two years ago, the acronym C.A.N.I. was presented to me. It was used rather seamlessly into the conversation, so naturally I zoned out of the conversation trying to figure out what it meant. After about a minute of intense thought and rudely ignoring my conversation, I asked the person what it meant.

He told me that it stood for Constant And Never-Ending Improvement, and what an outstanding idea it was. Once that acronym was implanted in my head, it almost always seems to resurface when I’m starting to get really comfortable with my life; some would even say complacent.

Constantly improving yourself from now until the end of time is a big commitment and will certainly take a lot of hard work, but I know for me that just being reminded of the idea inspires me to keep improving myself as a whole.

Ernest Hemingway said,

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Something to think about during your day today. There is an incredible amount of stuff that I’m hoping to start doing, not only in my personal life but with this blog as well. I’ll keep people posted as to what will be happening, and while there are just a few people reading this blog right now, I really hope that we can start getting it growing very soon.


Where Have I been?

That’s the big question. Where have I been? While I could say that “I just haven’t had the time to post anything new lately” would probably suffice, that wouldn’t be very accurate. Rather, I simply haven’t made the time to sit down and write. 

While I know that my blog is still very new, very fresh, and my audience isn’t very large, I still feel responsible for posting my thoughts more frequently. So for those of you who have enjoyed reading the few posts that I have made and have been wanting to read more, I very sincerely apologize to you.

However, I’m not “out of the game” by any means! Actually, quite the contrary. I’m in the process of completely redoing how I run my blog. I’m in the process of reading “Platform” by Michael Hyatt and I’ve been nothing short of inspired. If you know anything about Mr. Hyatt, then you know that his blogging “platform” is outstanding and I’m learning and growing tremendously from his book. I’d recommend it to everyone.

So, in short, as I grow closer to finishing this book, my goal is for my posts to get better and better. More professional, more entertaining, and in short, better. The goal is to always improve in everything we do, right? Be on the lookout for some great stuff being posted soon!